Roxee: A Canadian with Moxie

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One of Canada’s national treasures, Roxee Robinson is able to resolve provincial differences just with her big tits and thick ass. No politician can make that claim! And now she’s known all over the world. XLGirls photographed Roxee in Prague, Czech Republic and she enjoyed her trips.

XLGirls: So, Roxee, did you notice any kind of difference between how Canadians and Czechs react to you?

Roxee: No, not that I’ve noticed. If a guy is going to look and rubberneck, he’s going to do it no matter where they are from.

XLGirls: Because we’re alike all over. What are the differences in posing at home versus posing for a pro photographer in a location?

Roxee: Working with a professional is so much more fun and relaxing. They stage the set while a stylist makes you beautiful. Then they take your pictures and you let them worry about making sure the angles are perfect, and a professional will remind you to change your pose or your facial expressions. When you shoot at home, you must stage your own set, do your own makeup and select your own outfits, and it’s a lot more work setting up camera angles for self-shooting. Then you realize your expression was the same for too many shots! I love the professional setting!

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