Canadian Cans

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The old saying “Smile and the world smiles with you,” definitely applies to Smiley Emma. Her beaming smile and her Canadian cans make anyone smile, and if they don’t smile, they’re hopeless anyway.

Emma has a fiance who’s cool with her web-camming and modeling. “We have a rule that every time my boobs are out, he has to rub his face in them,” says Emma. Nice rule! It’s mutually beneficial. “If his cock is out, I have to put it in my mouth. This happens several times a day.”

“I’m genuinely nice, easy to talk to, and I am very silly,” Emma said, describing her personality. “I think my best features are my smile and my boobs.” You don’t know which one, boobs or smile, to look at first. Emma is from Canada. So is Roxee Robinson. We welcome these conquerors.

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