Porsche & The BBC

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She’s Porsche Dali and she’s gonna swallow and ride Jax Black’s pussy drill until he pops right in her waiting, thirsty mouth. Like her surname suggests, Porsche makes an art out of her hardcore fuck scenes. “I love the BBC,” says Porsche and she didn’t mean the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Porsche explained her “philosophy in the boudoir,” as the French like to call it, or as we call it, “how Porsche loves to worship the cock with her mouth and pussy.”

“In the bedroom, I am his submissive little slut that sucks him dry. He makes sure that I feel special by giving me multiple, explosive orgasms. My favorite place to have sex is bent over the side of the couch. That goes along with the doggie-style ’cause you can hold on tight and it goes really well. Outside the bedroom, a guy can make me feel special by supporting my dreams and aspirations and being proud to have me on his arm.”

Jax enjoyed taking Porsche for a spin. He can’t take her home but she was a dream to ride at XLGirls.

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